I am building this page for Marle Nopardi who I believe has a great opportunity, but she needs a little help.

I am thinking about doing a kickstarter campaign but I could use a little help in this. LOL I'm lucky I can remember to use HTML.

so I'm building this page for her. After reading her translated copy of a Fantasy Novel she is writing, which keeps my eyes glued to the screen.

and with my short attention span it held my interest to keep reading.

One of the minor characters in this Book is named Tzir, I really liked this this little guy and I thought and ask her to write a short about Tzir for me,

surprisingly she did. I used my artwork for the cover and did the steps to get it published

Now here is Tziri, by Marle Nopard. Tzir brings out that interest of adventure, inspired bravry and encourages to take your own direction.

A great bed time read for your children.

Marli Nopardi Please help her with your $2.99 purchase of her new release Tzir

Thank you